Ronan Fed PNEUMA – The best free Analog Subtractive synth VST of 2022

In this article, we will discuss one of the most underrated VST synth plugins of 2022- The Ronan Fed PNEUMA. Pneuma is one of the best free VST synth plugins I have ever used. This is a free VST plugin with 3 polyphonic oscillators, effects, modulations, state variables,s and a Moog filter. This is arguably among the best analog VST synth.

Ronan Fed PNEUMA - The best free Analog Subtractive synth VST of 2022


The user Interface

Pneuma has a rather simple user interface. Instead of multiple UI, all modules of the plugins are available in one window. This makes the process of sound design rather easy.

The Plugin include

  1. 4 Analog Oscillators each with 5 single wave cycles and one noise.
  2. State Variable and Moog filter with modulation envelope.
  3. 1 Dedicated noise oscillator.
  4. 2 Dedicated sample oscillators.
  5. 1 Amp envelope.
  6. 2 Modulation envelopes.
  7. 2 LFO modulators.
  8. 8 Effects
    1. Arpeggiator
    2. Distortion
    3. Parametric EQ
    4. Phaser
    5. Chorus
    6. Delay
    7. Reverb
    8. Compressor
  9. Chords

All these functions are available in a single user interface.

Pneuma VST – Sound Quality

The Pneuma VST has analog oscillators, filters, envelops, and amp ADSR. The sound of the synth is fat and clean. Each oscillator can produce up to 8 unison voices. One of the best features of Pneuma VST is its filter. The filter unit of the plugin has 2 types – State Variable and Moog. The Moog filter type emulates the filter of the original Mood hardware.

Apart from these, there is also an option for Pulse width that makes the sound stand out.

Besides 4 oscillators, Pneuma also features 2 sample players. These players can help users add unique transients, noises, and samples.

Final Thoughts

Pneuma is a great VST plugin for anyone who is looking for a free analog VST synth. It has great sound quality and features that makes sound design easier than ever.

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