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Free Indian VST Plugin – Sitar

We are glad to release this free VST plugin named Sitar. It features the authentic sound of the classical Indian instrument Sitar. This Virtual Instrument VST is available in VST2 and VST3 formats for Windows and macOS.

Lifetime Free License

On downloading this VST you will get a lifetime free license. You can use this plugin in your commercial projects. However, you can not resell or use the raw content of this plugin to make your own VSTs or libraries.

CPU Efficient

This Free Sitar VST Plugin is not only free but also CPU efficient. It uses the DFD(Direct from Disk) approach to make sure that your project runs smoothly in DAW.

Authentic Indian Sound

The VST 4 Free Sitar gives the authentic sound of the famous Indian Instrument. It is harmonic rich with a unique timbre. Recorded with multiple mic positions in a world-class recording environment.

Meet Our

Listen Now

Check out the sound of The Free Sitar VST Plugin

VST4Free Sitar

How to Install?

Installing VST4Free Sitar is very easy

Step1 – Extract the Zip Folder

Step 2 – Open the Windows or Mac Folder based on your Operating System.

Step 3 – Copy the VST2 and/or VST3 files and paste them into your default VST Folders.

Step 4 – Open your DAW and refresh the plugin.

Step 5 – Load the Sitar Plugin, Choose the “Add Folder” and Navigate to the folder “Sitar.Instruments”

That is all, hope you enjoy the VST.

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