BPB Dirty LA VST – A free Alternative to LA-2A compressor

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at BPB Dirty LA VST and its features, including its compressor and limiting modes. The limiting mode provides a higher compression ratio and faster attack times. In the limiting mode, the Peak Reduction knob controls the threshold value. The Output knob matches the dry signal’s gain.

BPB Dirty LA VST - A free Alternative to LA-2A compressor

BPB Dirty LA Features

The free BPB Dirty LA VST plugin is a virtual studio compressor inspired by vintage limiting amplifiers. It can be used as a parallel compressor or for balancing compressed and dry signals. It comes in VST3 and AU formats and is compatible with 64-bit DAWs.

This freeware compressor is cross-platform and includes a variety of handy sound-shaping features. It features two filters, a resonant tube distortion, and a slope control. You can also control the amount of tub distortion and how much the filters are resonant.

This freeware VST plugin features a pair of resonant filters that emulate analog tube circuitry. The filters can add subtle coloration or crush the audio signal. Other features include a low-pass filter slope and a Mix knob. You can even adjust the output volume, which is useful for tweaking the volume of your mix.

System Requirments and Price

Dirty LA is available in VST3 and AU formats for macOS and Windows 64-bit digital audio workstations. The plugin is free for personal use, and optional donations are welcome on Patreon and Gumroad. However, there are some limitations to using this plugin.


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