Best free Phonk sample packs, acapella, drums, VST presets of 2023

In this article, I will tell you about the best online websites to find free Phonk sample packs.

Phonk music has become a lot more popular in recent years. Its resemblance with Drum and Bass, Hip-hop, and Trap makes it one of the best music genres of 2022. If you want to produce Phonk music, you will need quality samples and VST presets. In this article, I will tell you about the best websites and online platforms where you can find free Phonk samples, Phonk acapella, vocal samples, drum loops, beats, and VST presets. Stay tuned!

What is Phonk Music?

Phonk music is a mix of hip-hop and trap. The genre was introduced back in the 1990s and became popular ever since. It is mostly inspired by the Memphis Rap; a regional version of hip-hop that originated in Tennessee, United States. The genre declined in the early 2000s but saw a big surge after 2010 thanks to Tik Tok and the popular Russian Drift Phonk.

Here is an example of modern Phonk music-

Phonk music uses Memphis rap acapella from the 1990s along with cowbells, distorted Kick drums, snare, and 808s. The most important elements of Phonk music are cowbell, acapella, and metallic pluck. The tempo of the song varies from 140BPM to 170BPM. Sometimes, it even goes beyond 170BPM.

Most popular Phonk music artists and Producers

These are the most popular Phonk artists, DJs, and producers of all time

  1. DJ Screw(LEGACY)
  2. X-Raided(LEGACY)
  3. DJ Spanish Fly(LEGACY)
  4. DJ Squeeky(LEGACY)
  5. Three 6 Mafia(LEGACY)
  7. $uicideboy$
  8. Chris Travis
  9. SpaceGhostPurrp
  10. Ghostemane
  11. Baker

How to make Phonk Music? Explained

Follow these steps to make Phonk music. You will need a DAW, standard VSTs, and Phonk samples(acapella, drums, etc).

  1. Step 1: Set the tempo to around 150BPM-170BPM.
  2. Step 2: Sound selection – Get a Memphis rap acapella or record one, Cowbell, Metallic pluck, Distorted 808, Hip-hop/trap hi-hat, Snare, Clap.
  3. Step 3: Load the Memphis acapella into the sampler, tune and stretch it according to the project tempo and key.
  4. Step4: Create a standard hi-hat pattern. Add pitch & velocity variation to the pattern. At the same time, add a swing to a few notes.
  5. Step 5: Create a dark melody using either a cowbell or a synth with a few harmonics. The cowbell melody is generally fast-paced, while the soft synth melodies use long notes.
  6. Step 6: If you are using soft synths, make sure to add a long reverb with a high diffusion rate.
  7. Step 7: Create a groovy 808 pattern along with a corresponding kick pattern.
  8. Step 8: Lay down a deep Reese bass alongside the drum pattern.
  9. Step 9: Mixing Phonk music: Sidechain bass and 808 with the main Kick. EQ all the synths and acapella. Using a degrader VST is a great way to get that classic sound quality of original Phonk music.
  10. Step 10: Use iZotope Ozone or a similar plugin to master the mix. A soft mastering is preferred for Phonk music.

Best Free Phonk Sample Packs, Acapellas, and VST Presets

  1. Sample focus Phonk Samples
  2. Looperman
  3. Shinji Phonk Sample Pack
  4. Aliven Phonk Sample Pack
  5. Soundcamp Phonk Samples
  6. Major Static Phonk kit


Sample Focus Phonk Samples

Sample Focus has some of the best free Phonk samples, acapella, Drums, Cowbells, Synths, and more. You can easily sign up and download the samples of your choice with ease.

Visit Sample Focus

Looperman Phonk Samples

Another great website for finding great Phonk samples is looperman. It is one of the most renowned websites for finding free samples. You can use custom filters to sort the samples of your choice.

Visit Looperman

Shinji Phonk Sample Pack

You can get great-sounding Phonk drum loops and kits from Shinji. The pack contains lots of amazing Phonk drum samples. The best part; there is no download gate involved between you and the download.

Visit the official page

Aliven Phonk Sample Pack

Another direct download for free Phonk Sample Pack. This pack has some very amazing sampls and kits that will give you instant inspiration while producing Phonk music.

Soundcamp Phonk Samples

Although Soundcamp Phonk samples mostly contain drum samples, the quality is second to none. Each sample is available in wav format. You can easily download these samples and use them in your project.

Visit Soundcamp now

Major Static Phonk kit

Major static Phonk kit is available on gumroad for grabs. It is a selection of finely crafted Phonk kits, drum loops, and samples.

Get Major static Phonk Kit now

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